Home Wi-Fi System

TP-Link Home Wi-Fi System uses multiple devices to provide a seamless, intelligent and easy-to-configure mesh network that covers the entire home. Systems can be remotely managed via TR-069, helping ISPs to improve the efficiency of CPE management and reduce after-sales service costs.


Wi-Fi That’s Got Your Covered!

TP-Link Mesh Technology

Technology for high performance home Wi-Fi System.

  •   Dynamic self-organization
  •   Automatically push configuration
  •   Seamless Roaming
  •   Support 802.11k/v/r
  •   Band Steering & AP Steering
  •   Path Fail-over & Load Balancing
  •   Ethernet Backhaul
  •   Supports over 100 devices

Remote Management

Operators can remotely manage end-user devices and solve problems quickly, so as to reduce after-sales service costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Monitor real-time device status
Remotely diagnose and configure devices
Batch upgrade firmware

Web Management Interface

ISPs & subscribers can manage and control their network via the user-friendly web interface.

  •   Manage mesh nodes remotely via the CWMP interface for ISPs
  •   Change Wi-Fi network name and password
  •   Check the network status and view all the online devices
  •   Enable guest Wi-Fi network
  •   Parent control


  • Enhanced user experience

    Improving the coverage and performance of home wireless network enables subscribers to feel the impact by high-speed broadband more clearly, and provides a better online experience.
  • Manageable and controllable

    Extensive TR-069 management features make quicker problem-solving, fewer truck-rolls, better customer satisfaction and lower maintenance costs.
  • High reliability

    Path fail-over and backhaul load balancing drastically improve stability and reliability. Reduce customer churn and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Seamless Coverage

    AP steering and band steering help on intelligently connecting devices to the better signal and higher capacity band. No more sudden dropouts or buffering when you’re roaming in home.
  • Full on Wi‑Fi Control

    Via the web UI, subscribers are able to check the status of their network, share a guest network with visitors, set up content filters, and even set limits on when and for how long each client can access the internet.
  • Ease of Use

    Easily add or configure mesh devices to create a single Wi-Fi network at the press of a button. And there’s just one wireless network name (SSID) for the entire home.

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