How to upgrade the ONT firmware from OLT side?


Note: This Article Applies to TP-Link GPON OLT P1201 Ver.1

The OLT can support upgrading ONT firmware remotely, it could be useful for ISP management. Here is the details about how to achieve that by CLI and EMS.


Step1. Transfer ONT firmware to OLT.

You need to upload the firmware to OLT firstly to make sure it’s available.

OLT(config)# load file {ftp <ip-address> < FTP-user-name> < FTP-user-password> < FILE-NAME>} | {tftp <ip-address> < FILE-NAME>}

For example:

OLT(config)# load file ftp test test 111.tar

Step2. Select ONTs which need to be upgraded.

You can select ONTs which you want to upgrade by the below command.

OLT(config)# ont load select <FrameID/SlotID> {all | <port-id>} {<ont-list> | all}

For example:

OLT(config)# ont load select 0/0 1 1-6

Number of ONTs that can be added: 6, success: 0

Step3. Start the upgrading.

After we select all the ONTs, we can start the upgrading. There are several activemode we can choose: graceful, immediate, next-startup.

OLT(config)# ont load start <FrameID/SlotID> <FILENAME > | activemode {graceful | immediate | next-startup}

For example:

OLT(config)# ont load start 0/0 111.tar activemode immediate

Step4. Check the progress.

OLT(config)# show ont load info <FrameID/SlotID>

For example:

OLT(config)# show ont load select 0/0


F/S PON ONT ID State Progress


0/0 3 1 waiting 0%


Total: 1, waiting: 1, fail: 0, success: 0, loading: 0, cancel: 0


The OLT can also support to upgrade the firmware by EMS management.

Please go to PON Card to open the Pon Card Management. Then enter the ONU upgrade Page.

Then input the FTP server information where you put the firmware in. Click Download to Device first.

After that, choose the ones you want to upgrade from the list and click Upgrade.