BBWF 2019

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Event & News / BBWF 2019

“ October 15–17, the Broadband World Forum (BBWF) 2019 gathered operators, vendors, and industry experts to share about the cutting-edge broadband technologies and discuss development trends in the future. Over 120 vendors and 5,000 people joined this massive event for the communication field. TP-Link's exhibition was a complete success and has been well received. ”

Review of TP-Link’s Star Product at BBWF

ISPs are highly interested in TP-Link’s portfolio of highly advanced products — Wi-Fi 6 routers, Wi-Fi 6 VDSLs, GPON devices, EasyMesh Home Wi-Fi systems, and flexible LTE products.

TP-Link had an expert demonstrate the Home Wi-Fi System to customers and they were impressed with its excellent performance. TP-Link delivers a superior Wi-Fi experience with seamless roaming and flexible switching with their Home Wi-Fi System.

TP-Link's expert further demonstrated the Wi-Fi 6 routers and VDSLs to the customers. Predicting future trends, TP-Link’s Wi-Fi 6 products dramatically increase capacity and efficiency for the entire network and greatly reduce network congestion.

Finally, customers received a demonstration of the LTE products. TP-Link LTE products are highly flexible and take full advantage of cutting-edge 4G LTE networks, which can share 4G LTE networks with multiple Wi-Fi devices. This enables uninterrupted HD streaming, rapid file downloads, and smooth video chats. It is also fully compatible with FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE, which are supported by most operators around the world.

TP-Link’s spectacular performance at the BBWF exhibition was the joint success of various departments and global subsidiaries. We see this as an opportunity and look forward to increased global cooperation.