Inconvenient to deploy: The traditional rack-mounted GPON OLT is too heavy and huge, and not convenient for small ISP to deploy, lack of flexibility.

Trouble at management: Many small operators is lack of experience for managing GPON and OLT.

Poor maintainability: Some GPON OLT is too complex for ISPs to fix the hardware problem by themselves.


TP-Link’s OLT in compact design provides a flexible solution for medium and small ISPs, and support various management tools. Dual redundant power supply design provides carrier-class reliability and easy maintainability.

Flexibility and High-Capacity

Compact design makes TP-Link’s OLT more flexible but with 1:128 splitting ratio supported, it can also provide high-capacity for ISPs.

Carrier-Class Reliability

TP-Link’s OLT is designed with dual redundant power supply, supports AC, DC or mixed power input, providing higher reliability to ISPs.

Easy Management

TP-Link’s OLT supports CLI management, EMS management based on SNMP, Web management, ITU-T G.984.4/G.988 standard OMCI, which can manage the ONTs remotely on software side. And we also specially design the Console port and Management port in hardware side for management.

Supported Models

  • P1201-16


    16-port GPON OLT

  • P1201-08


    8-port GPON OLT

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