G.fast is an innovative solution that reuses the telecom's existing copper network to deliver ultra-high bit rate (fiber alike) triple play services to customers, without the costs and challenges of deploying an all fiber-based Fiber network. TP-Link G.fast Gateway is compatible with VDSL2 35b/17a connections. The built-in SFP cage for a GPON module ensures operators have a future-proof device that can be flexibly upgraded.



High cost: Some customer premises locations are costly and difficult to reach with fiber, resulting in high cost and slow construction progress

Limits the speed: Traditional copper access technology limits the speed of uplink and downlink, becoming the bottleneck of deploying ultra-broadband services


G.fast technology allows service providers to deliver Gigabit speeds over existing copper lines, using the final length of copper infrastructure extending into premises to deliver ultra-high speeds.

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